Saturday, July 21, 2012

Shan & Madiha Naqvi blushed as guest mention Sathi Condom on-air

Shan show “Geo Shaan say” may not be picking up rating but is has managed to discuss some important issues pertaining to Pakistani society. You have to give credit to Shan and his team to discuss some socially relevant issues while other mundane Mornings Shows keep rattling the sense less mayon, mehndi, shadi and valima ceremonies.

In one such episode of ‘Geo Shaan say’ one of the guest mention condom ‘Sathi’ while discussing family planning. The faces of both Shan and her co-host Madhia Naqvi face turn red with the comments of father of nine. Madhia Naqvi suggested to cut to commercials to control her blush while Shaan started singing a film song ‘sathi mare..’ to lessen the awkward situation.
This really shows that apart frommedia boom and freedom, there are certain topics and words that embarrass people on-air. Shan, Madiha Naqvi and all guest burst into laughter on father of nine’s comment.

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